42 Gorgeous Long Nail Art Ideas for Classy Women This Summer

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A super pretty nail art design can be every women’s ultimate power to brightening their dull day. But we usually forget that a nail art design looks better if it’s meant for the shape of your nails. Yep, nail shape and nail art go hand in hand, so you better not overlook it. If you have long nail and need some summer nail art inspirations, keep scrolling!

Before you give the nail a nail art, we will take you through some grooming tips. First of all, stop using your nails as tools; scrap glue, open containers and etc- because any activity that requires your nail to bend can be dangerous to your result of labor. Skipping your base and top coat is equivalent to danger, especially if you have long nails. No matter what the hurry, never skip the additional coats of polish. If your nail is ready now, check out these 42 gorgeous long nail art ideas for classy women this summer below to inspire you.

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